The new Spleene X-bar comes with all the must-have features of a modern bar, at the same time it’s very clean and clear. It automatically eliminates the twist after rotations, if you pull the bar down to the harness. This is achieved by a double depower rope guidance. All the same, the X-bar can be powered and depowered smoothly even at full steering deflection. A safety system that brings the kite down to the ground without drag is achieved by an intuitively accessible quick release. Unhooked riding is just as easy as hooked freeriding. In its basic setting the safety release is only established by one front line.
However, tool-free and without additional accessories, the X-bar can be converted into a safety release using both front lines. The X-bar can also be used for any 5-line kite, also tool-free and also without additional accessories. You only need to attach the 5th. line, which belongs to the kite´s standard scope of supply. The width of the bar can be set to 45cm for kite sizes less than 9m and to 52cm for kite sizes above 9m. Floaters on both sides provide the necessary buoyancy to avoid sinking of the bar. Price: 405. us-$