Day 1:
3 hour lesson learning basic kite control. Flying the kite and safety rules. You learn how to launch and land the kite yourself
Private: 180 US$
Group: 150 US$ pp

Day 2:
3 hours body dragging lessons. Power and water safety, water start and your first board ride
Private: 180 US$
Group: 150 US$ pp

Day 3:
3 hour lesson riding downwind and upwind and controlled steps
Private: 180 US$
Group: 150 US$ pp

Full beginner course – 9 hours
Private: 500 US$
Group: 400 US$ pp

Contact me for more information about beginner lessons

One thought on “BEGINNER LESSONS

  1. Would like to do your three day private beginner Lesson if your available May 12th – 14th. I have been flying a trainer kite watching and reading to learn basics and I can wake board well. Was hoping to learn in three days if possible and rent equipment for three days after? Would this be possible?
    Thanks Alot,
    Joe McAvoy

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