10547386_10154484739200062_6123757997211812505_oI grew up in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and started kiteboarding in the year 2000, when I was 11 years old. This was a time were equipment and functionality such as bow kites, chicken loop quick release, depower, twin tip boards or waist harness did not exist. l used C-kites with just two line system. Luckily, kiteboarding has evolved since then and today it is much safer to learn this amazing sport.

I started competing in 2003/2004 in national competitions. Through these competitions at an early age, I gained a lot of valuable experience. I attended the PKRA 2005 event held in Cabarete. At this time I was doing many tricks, had gained experience and had for the first time brand new gear. Still, I did not make it into the main event. I started training harder and focused on competing in local competitions. I enjoyed competing with friends and international riders, with an always enthusiastic crowd, always pushing my limits. I had invaluable support from family, friends and various local kite schools. They helped me out with kite equipment and kept encouraging and supporting me. I am forever grateful for all those who have supported and helped me throughout the years.

Next to competing I discovered the joy of sharing my knowledge and passion about kiteboarding to others, and I shifted my focus more to teaching. In 2007 I completed the IKO course and signed up for an English class, determined to pursue a teaching career.

Today, I still attend some local and international competitions once in a while. I always push the extreme kiteboarder limit and love flying higher and going faster; big air and old school board off tricks are my favorite. But mostly you will find me on the beach working as a kite instructor. Teaching kiteboarding has allowed me to follow my dreams and I love sharing the sport with others.

I am very dedicated to my students and strive to always provide the very best and safest methods for learning the sport. Before you know it you will fly your kite, feeling alive and free. It is the best feeling when I see my students doing well and sharing my love for the sport.